My name is Francesca and I’m a passionate illustrator, curious graphic and planner designer.
 Plusbizarre is a creative spac where I share ideas and suggestions (on organization, planner and mindful living), free resources (such as printables and guided journals) and artworks. 


Non fiction reading list 2018 - Plusbizarre Illustrations & Guided Journals

Printable - Non fiction Reading List 2018

A nice and hand-drawn checklist (free .pdf A4 size) for keeping track of all your knowledge <3

Block and Burnout - Plusbizarre Illustrations & Guided Journals

Block & Burnout - How to avoid them?

An introductive article about Resources at our disposal in everyday life and how the overuse of these Resources can generate unbalacing and burnout.

Cleaning Schedule Free Printable - Plusbizarre Illustrations & Guided Journals

Free Printable - Monthly Cleaning Schedule

A nice hand-drawn tracker to keep the pace with monthly house cleaning, with a few tricks to make them look less unbearable. [PDF Download]

Travel packing list printable - Plusbizarre Illustrations & Guided Journals

Free Printable - Travel Packing Checklist

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Interested in my work?

I love to create new contacts with other creatives and customers, to create wonderful illustrations or new routines for a simpler and happier life together. I’m currently open to commissions and collaborations, so feel free to contact me at:

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