How to build your morning routine + worksheet & timetable

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Build a morning routine that fits your life stream is very important. It’s the most important thing, actually. I talked about how a morning routine can improve your daily life (and how I do my morning routine), but the most important thing is to have a routine that’s perfect for you, your goals and your ideal of happiness. It’s a personal path, so you should have one you choose on your own. Otherwise, you’ll get bored and you’ll give up.

Get inspired by other people can benefit your morning routine setup (especially if you are beginning right now)it’s ok and it’s a fantastic place to start. But I found heavy to carry on a routine that wasn’t based on my life and its rhytms. Because everyone’s life is special and unique, so should be your morning routine.

(psst…it’s free!)
How can you build your perfect morning routine, tailored on your schedule? First of all, you must get to know yourself:
  • how much time you want to invest on your morning routine?
  • which activities do you want to perform?
  • are there any good habits you want to improve?
  • how much time you want to dedicate on every activity?

Since I use the “Miracle Morning” method by Hal Elrod, my Morning Routine worksheet is based upon the S.A.V.E.R.S. activities:

MyMorningRoutine_featuredITAMy Morning Routine (versione ITALIANA - Foglio di lavoro + programma)

Using the S.A.V.E.R.S., I create a worksheet and timetable, all customizable and personalized, that you can use as a start. Give it a try, subscribe and I will send you the password you need to access to the “Library” page!

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