#planwithme Challenge – Day 17

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - Plan with me challenge

I’m so into the Plan with me challenge of June (by Tiny Ray of Sunshine, Pretty Prints and Paper and Boho Berry, they’re like the goddess of bullet journaling). It’s hard to keep my bullet journal updated with all new pages and layouts…sometimes it’s difficult to pop up with new ideas. The challenge is, it goes without saying, challenging. But it’s also very very funny! I see my bullet journal growing up day by day, I’m so proud of you my little 1917 (yes, this is the name of my Leuchtturm).

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - plan with me challenge

Today’s theme is “Adventure“. As I said before, I want to design my weekends and my summer in advance this year, because I’m a very lazy person and tend to mentally attend to hundreds of events just to end on my sofa watching tv shows. Enough! So those are my plans for this summer:

  1. Visit Emporio Ultrafragola in Macerata: it’s a weird and fabulous shop. It’s full of objects of iconic design, and pretty products. I love it!
  2. Visit Collecorvino (Pescara) this weekend: they’re hosting the Stra Festival, with street artists.
  3. Visit Mondaino (Rimini) in August because they’ll host the Palio del Daino, an historical reconstruction of medieval games.
  4. Visit Nuoro (and Monte Ortobene): I red a book that takes place there, “L’ultimo fiore dell’anima” by Anna Melis, and I fell in love.
  5. Visit (again) Ponte dell’Olio: I was there for my summer vacation in 2015 and it was magical. Deep silence, beautiful country, horses, dogs to play with, and tons of books by the pool. Yeah.
  6. Visit Tellaro (La Spezia): it’s a tiny village that lies together with Lerici and San Terenzo on the romantic coast “Golfo dei Poeti” and it was recently being presented with the award “Borgo tra i cento più belli d’Italia“, placing it amongst the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy.

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - plan with me challenge

For this layout I used:

Are you into the #planwithmechallenge? I’ll love to see your ideas and layouts!

With love,Plusbizarre Bullet Journal

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