(restyling) My Home Office in pink

I’m on Instagram and I alway see so many pics of beautiful home offices…and I pity myself for being such a messy person. I also work as an illustrator and I’m full of artistic materials and it’s hard to find the right spot for everything. Yesterday my desk was a huge chaos: there were pencils all around, dirt, watercolor stains, sketches, and so on. Since I believe that a good work comes from a clean and tidy environment, I had to do something.

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - Office decor ideas

So I went to a Flying Tiger shop (it’s the new name for Tiger shops, as I found out) and I…emptied the shelves (and my wallet too). But, you know, I won a giveaway hosted by createwithida and I was flying high. I tend to spend a lot of money when I’m happy!

I love pink colors. Don’t you say? 😀 I’m super happy because today It has finally arrived my order with my business cards and the cups with my logo…plusbizarre everywhere!

I’m gonna take some better pics next days, as I hope. Do you have an office at home? What it looks like? Shaaare!

With love,Plusbizarre Bullet Journal

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