Page by Page: A Bullet Journal flip through

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - flip through

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Today I you will be my guest as I take you on a  trip inside my Bullet Journal! It’s a very quick flip through from November 2015 to July 2016. Just few months, but the changes are so big that I needed to show them to someone. It’s amazing how and how much your style can change with a daily practice.

My love story with Bullet Journal System

I’m in love with my bujo and the Bullet Journal system in general, since November 2015. This was the first time I heard about this journaling system via Pinterest, and wanted to try it on my own. So I bought a Leuchtturm1917, a dotted and plain emerald one. I was so excited about it.

I was also a little bit worried about my attitude toward this kind of thing, those which require a sort of continuity and daily approach. I was not a routine lover and tended to start a new activity with a lot of enthusiasm, but also tended to be annoyed by it in a very short time (I’m an Aries, and this attitude is totally ok for us).

I started to log in in my journal but I was also pretty skeptical abou it: I was sure that I would have give it up in a couple of months (maybe even less). I was realistic, and that’s not so me at all. A month passed, then two. Then three, four, five…and my bullet journal was still there on my desk, waiting for me to log in and write.

You should try the Bullet Journal system too if…

I’ll be honest: I gave up a couple of time my bujo. As you can see in the video below, there were months when I tended to log less. I wasn’t ok and my journal activity reflects it perfectly. I was down for so many things (my day work, my work as an illustrator, my life, nearly everything) and I was also afraid that my bujo were…inconsistent.

But, long story short, I kept logging in everyday (or nearly everyday). I can see so much progresses going on inside my bulelt journal: I changed my style, my spreads, my view, my attitude towards events, scheduling and planning. It is nearly magical how much I improved (and I’m actually improving it) my productivity and my creativity life through a simple black (but dotted!) journal.

So if you’re just curious about the Bullet Journal system, give it a try. Maybe it will be worth the time, maybe not, but you’ll surely learn something about yourself.

With love,

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal


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