Farewell, dear Professor Snape

Few weeks ago a great Artist passed away. Alan Rickan was a big actor and he was the star in so many good movies (and others not…but that’s how life and work actually work). One of them was , obviously, Professor Severus Snape. Now, I’m twenty-gnew-years old and so the whole Harry Potter’s saga it’s something more than special to me: it was my training gym for feelings like friendship, loyalty and…real love.

I read a lot, but I never found a better and struggling and sweet and delicate love story as Piton and Lily shared. Never. I don’t know why, you know…tastes differ.

So I’ve tryed to explain all my feeling involved in the loss of Alan R…emh, Professur Severus Snape in a portrait. This is my first work on canvas, and I was pretty amazed and scared.

Piton and Lily fanart

It’s a mixed techniques, as you can see. I used acrylics, watercolors, Letraset markers and my old-but-gold typewriting machine (original one, vintage-style!).

Detail: Piton and Lily Detail: Expecto Patronusses Detail: "After all this time?"

I know it’s a silly thing: the actor is actually dead and not the character but, ehy, I’m the artist so I rather can not choose the subjects or the idea. I just thought it was something nice to say goodbay to someone. So farewell dear Prof. Piton, or Alan Rickman for all the Muggles.

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