Level 10 Life: Avoid goal setting pitfalls (+ free printable)

It’s been a while since my last entry, I feel so sorry about this intermittent posting but…life’s unpredictable!
I’ve been working a lot on a new personal project and I’ll soon start talking about this (it’s about planning and personal development, obviously!).

But first, June’s over and half of 2018 already flew by. It was pretty quick, indeed! You probably had planned your 2018 ahead in January, diving into goal setting and evaluating you plans for the near future. This time of the year is perfect for reviewing your goals and your priorities.

One of the best tools I know for goal setting and goal reviewing is called “10 Level Life”. You probably already know about it since it’s from the famous “Miracle Morning” book by Hal Elrod (just in case you missed it, I’ll take you there), and I’ve already talked about it in a previous post

In my planner it’s called Wheel of Awareness, since one of the features that work best for me is to keep me aware of my goals, my steps towards them and how to adjust the path if needed.

In level 10 Life/Wheel of Awareness you have to evaluate your life in ten different areas:
Family and Friends
Personal development
Physical Environment
Health / Fitness

Level 10 Life template for planner by Plusbizarre
(My design of Level 10 Life in my kikki.k planner)

Giving each of the areas a score from 1 to 10, you’ll find yourself with a colorful wheel, highly significant. Your aim should to work on the lowest 3 to 5 areas in your pie chart. In my case I should definitely spend more time and effort on my finances, my spirituality, giving to others and with my friends and family.

Next to your wheel you can write down your goal. I choose to have one goal (even a small one) for every section so that everything will remain balanced. I didn’t write them down already, but some ideas are:

  • visit my family / spend time with my family one time per week
  • spend some time in the evening talking with family/friends (even through phone)
  • celebrate mindfully seasonal festivals
  • start to volunteer in the local UNESCO division
  • design and sell at least 2 printables on shop every month

It is recommended to review your 10 Level Life every quarter or so: you’ll ended up checking on your goals and projects four times per year, and that could be useful to keep you on track.

It’s very important to constantly be aware of your past decisions and how they developed in time. Planning and goal setting without appropriate review could lead to pitfalls, and you don’t want that to happen (read this interesting essay for more details). Fortunately it’s easy to keep up with the benefits, but you should be aware of where you are now, where you wanted to be in the past and where you want to be in the future.

(Quick guide) Overcoming the pitfalls of Goal-setting:

Start by knowing where you are. Level 10 Life can help you to find out where you should focus more: social life? Your career? Having a little bit of rest and fun? It’s up to you but remember: try to answer with your gut, not with your brain! 

Free Level 10 Life printable template for planner by Plusbizarre
(Click and download your free template!)

Goal setting should be fun and easy: the difficult part maybe to reach them, not to plan them!
Set goals that are:

  • measurable (write”I want to read 100 pages every week” instead of “I want to read more”- otherwise it’ll be hard to understand if you have reached your goal, plus it will be more effective because you’ll have a precise amount to rely on!)
  • simple (we both know you’ll leave behind anything that’s too complex…)
  • personal (be creative and set your own goal. Everyone has a different life, personality and needs)
  • fun (you’ll be more motivated to accomplish exciting goals. If you want to stay fit but hate running, try and check Youtube for your next cardio instructor – I love practicing yoga with Adriene)

This step is maybe the most important one, yet nearly no one want to invest some time completing it. Goal setting without reviewing is like order a pizza in a restaurant and leaving. Why you should do that? It makes no sense at all! You spent your effort for setting your goals, so why leave valuable information behind?

I know, goal reviewing could be pretty stressing. But I want to share a secret on how to make it less nerve-racking: don’t be hard on yourself. Mistakes are your best friends since they can tell you what you’re doing wrong and why. You should listen to them and analyze them to avoid making errors in the future. If you find it hard to believe me, here’s a bunch of cool resources that can surely persuade you:

It’s time to print your Wheel of Awareness, grab your best colorful pecils and start your goal setting!


Plusbizarre, also known as Francesca Valentini, is the creator and artist behind Plusbizarre.com and The Journalium Project. She’s a planner nerd and loves to share self-development tips and printables for a mindful life.

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Free Printable – June Cover [original artwork!]

Boom. June, Summer.
We’re almost there…

You can’t proper say “summer” without a cool, pinky calendar. Hanged to the wall, it constantly reminds you that is time to commit yourself to a summer full of fun and exciting experiences.

[colored edition]-------
[black and white edition]-------

[.pdf single files – A4 regular print size]

You can purchase my original artworks and illustrations (like this one below) on my 
Etsy shop —->

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(Free printable) Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Raise your hand if you have experienced problem to keep your home clean!

I have three cats (yes, Calipso is the new entry, she is so cute and tiny and meow :3), and I struggle to keep my home decent. The apartment where I moved last year is way way bigger than the previous one, and I have this strange feeling to keep it tidy in order to keep it tidy. Endless story.

I know, though, that cleaning my home can be powerful in a lot of ways, indeed. It helps me to:

– have much more space to think (tidy place = easier thinking), because I don’t have to focus on your clutter or on the busy space around me
– realize what’s really matter for me (tossing away unwanted or ugly things)
– understanding who I am and how my organization works
receive guests with happiness, and not in a stressful way
– live in a space that talks about me, not over me

Using my best-paper-friend (aka my planner) I tried to create a daily routine that would work for me (I don’t have three fancy bathrooms, or a patio, sorry) and this is the result:

Plusbizarre - Bullet Journal and Planner Organization - Art and Doodles

I need a very neat and simple list in order to stick to it, without forgetting some colors and doodles. Since this pic was loved on Instagram, I decided to digitalize it with my iPad, then processing it through Illustrator and ta-da!

Plusbizarre - Bullet Journal and Planner Organization - Art and Doodles

You can download this free printable from the VIP Download Area, and you’ll need to be subscribed to the NewsBetter Newsletter in order to get the password!

Some tips from me to you, collected during long and suffered years of house chores:

1) I always recommend to clean on a tiny yet fast everyday schedule, but if you don’t have enough time (30 minutes are nothing, by the way!) or you do prefer to clean your home once a week (big effort, less weekly chores), you can adjust it to fit in a single cleaning day

2) Set a timer for each room. I usually set 5 min. for the bathroom, 10 min. for the bedroom, 5 min. for theliving room and 10 min. for the kitchen = 30 minutes!

3) Don’t do it perfectly, just do it fine! You don’t have to declutter the entire wardrobe, not this time. you’ll plan a moment in your week to declutter things, but not during the everyday cleaning routine.

4) Hire some help! my partner has the duty to load/empty the dishwasher, so i can clean the countertops in the meanwhile. we save a lot of time doing so!

5) Play good music, sing, dance and have fun while cleaning!

I hope you’ll enjoy your printables, and i would like to receive your comments and thoughts on my blog or mail me (contact@plusbizarre.com). If you use my printable in your instagram pics, let me know tagging @plusbizarre and using #pluspaper or #plusbujo as hastags.

With love,

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal


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Printable October-Cover!

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - October Cover Free Printable

October is almost there and we need to be prepared! Actually I didn’t set up my bullet journal for this new month yet, but I’ll do in the next days so stick with the blog!

While you’re waiting, print this freebie printable and color it up like there’s no tomorrow (or Tuesdays). Let me see the results, I would love to share your pics on Instagram:

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - October Cover Free Printable

(You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with the password)

With love,

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal

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Free Printable – Travel Packing Checklist

Summer: time for vacations! Mine will start late in August, but I already plan them in advance (I’m a bullet journal and planner junkie for a reason). The big issue with vacations and travels is the packing. I don’t hate packing but it’s not one of my favourite activities, even because I tend to forget something very important on every trip I make.

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