Bullet Journal – My October Setup

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - October Setup Layout Ideas

October is here, yay! I’ve started to study again, work again on the Etsy shop and on my all side projects. Woah, not easy at all but it’s nice to have things to do all the week long, and the moments of rest are more enjoyable. Besides, I can read a lot more while commuting or between one meeting and another.

Let’s talk about juicy bullet journal things!

This is my new setup for October: the warm shades and the watercolor style stayed, but I banned the pyramidal calendar (I need to work on this a little more in order to make it…usable). But there’s a huge new entry: the labels! I’ve cut a small amout of paper (just the blank space on the side, actually), because I was in the desperate search of some further organization troughout the month.

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Page by Page: A Bullet Journal flip through

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - flip through

New vid! Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you don’t want to miss what will be next!

Today I you will be my guest as I take you on a  trip inside my Bullet Journal! It’s a very quick flip through from November 2015 to July 2016. Just few months, but the changes are so big that I needed to show them to someone. It’s amazing how and how much your style can change with a daily practice.

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Bullet Journal – July Setup

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - JULY Setup

This is a very busy time for me, but I’m so happy that it is. It means I have a lot of work to do here on my blog, and on Instagram. By the way, I’m so grateful for your and your precious support: my Instagram community is growing stronger day by day. This is a dream came true for me, because less then a month ago I was struggling on big questions about my life, my purpouse and my goals. All this goal setting process is in a costant development and I’m understanding it clearly in those days. I tend to be frightened by ever-changing situations, but I’m managing it because change is actually very funny, if you’re changing with the situations and want to be part of the “flow”.

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - July Setup
I’m late on my posts and, *sigh*, I’m so sorry about it! I’m working hard on templates, printables, layouts for my Etsy shop and on the freebies for your weekly newsBetter, not to mention a really huge project (it’s a secret one for now, I hope to share some sneakpeek later this month) and the Giveaway I’ll host (I hope) starting today!

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My Etsy Shop is finally open!

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - Etsy Shop printable layout

I’m doing quite good in the 100 days of productivity challenge, it’s a powerful challenge to get yourself moving and actually achieving your goals. Also because the challenge, I’ve finally opened my Etsy Shop (you’re gladly invited to visit it and share your thoughts about it!). By now, there’s only one printable template but I’m planning to add more different layouts and style. You know, the first step is always the hardest one, so even by adding just one layout I realized that my journey on Etsy is finally starting and it will be easier to continue working on it.

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Bullet Journal – June Setup (Part 2)

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - June Setup

Another week is gone, let’s welcome Week 26 with a smile and a pray: please, don’t be so frell hot, please. Hot is good, hot is summer, but hot like hell is no good. Please Week 26, be kind to us!

Ok, now that the pitiful part is over, let’s start with an overview of Week 25 layout:

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - June Weekly Layout

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