Free Printable – June Cover [original artwork!]

Boom. June, Summer.
We’re almost there…

You can’t proper say “summer” without a cool, pinky calendar. Hanged to the wall, it constantly reminds you that is time to commit yourself to a summer full of fun and exciting experiences.

[colored edition]-------
[black and white edition]-------

[.pdf single files – A4 regular print size]

You can purchase my original artworks and illustrations (like this one below) on my 
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Printable – Non-Fiction Reading List 2018

No longer having the urge of incoming exam’s sessions to spur me to study and stay up to date (I graduated this summer, yay!), I decided to consistently keep the pace.

My brain is “trained” for a certain load of study and mnemonic effort, and I do not want to see it lazy down quickly because of my own laziness.

I decided to throw down this first list, to be updated in a few months (usually I review the books read and my progress every three months or so, and then four times a year).

This is not something definitive, but an overview that can give me the right “feeling” and tell me at a glance what I’m looking for:

As you can see, I’m trying to focus on the study of mindful practices related to personal and professional organization.

In this way, I want to build a strong “mental” foundation for the agenda I’m going to design for 2019. (That’s a great, right? I’ll talk about it in later articles, so stay update!).

Don’t worry, here it comes the free printable!

Non-Fiction Reading List 2018

Click on the image on the left and grab your free Non-Fiction Reading List 2018.

What’s included:

  • a .pdf printable, A4 size
  • original digital illustrations 
  • a pretty and useful checklist to keep track of your love for knowledge <3

"I would love the same, but...blank!"

You can purchase “Reading ‘n Sleeping” Perpetual Checklist on my Etsy shop!

Have a nice week!

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal
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(Free printable) Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Raise your hand if you have experienced problem to keep your home clean!

I have three cats (yes, Calipso is the new entry, she is so cute and tiny and meow :3), and I struggle to keep my home decent. The apartment where I moved last year is way way bigger than the previous one, and I have this strange feeling to keep it tidy in order to keep it tidy. Endless story.

I know, though, that cleaning my home can be powerful in a lot of ways, indeed. It helps me to:

– have much more space to think (tidy place = easier thinking), because I don’t have to focus on your clutter or on the busy space around me
– realize what’s really matter for me (tossing away unwanted or ugly things)
– understanding who I am and how my organization works
receive guests with happiness, and not in a stressful way
– live in a space that talks about me, not over me

Using my best-paper-friend (aka my planner) I tried to create a daily routine that would work for me (I don’t have three fancy bathrooms, or a patio, sorry) and this is the result:

Plusbizarre - Bullet Journal and Planner Organization - Art and Doodles

I need a very neat and simple list in order to stick to it, without forgetting some colors and doodles. Since this pic was loved on Instagram, I decided to digitalize it with my iPad, then processing it through Illustrator and ta-da!

Plusbizarre - Bullet Journal and Planner Organization - Art and Doodles

You can download this free printable from the VIP Download Area, and you’ll need to be subscribed to the NewsBetter Newsletter in order to get the password!

Some tips from me to you, collected during long and suffered years of house chores:

1) I always recommend to clean on a tiny yet fast everyday schedule, but if you don’t have enough time (30 minutes are nothing, by the way!) or you do prefer to clean your home once a week (big effort, less weekly chores), you can adjust it to fit in a single cleaning day

2) Set a timer for each room. I usually set 5 min. for the bathroom, 10 min. for the bedroom, 5 min. for theliving room and 10 min. for the kitchen = 30 minutes!

3) Don’t do it perfectly, just do it fine! You don’t have to declutter the entire wardrobe, not this time. you’ll plan a moment in your week to declutter things, but not during the everyday cleaning routine.

4) Hire some help! my partner has the duty to load/empty the dishwasher, so i can clean the countertops in the meanwhile. we save a lot of time doing so!

5) Play good music, sing, dance and have fun while cleaning!

I hope you’ll enjoy your printables, and i would like to receive your comments and thoughts on my blog or mail me ( If you use my printable in your instagram pics, let me know tagging @plusbizarre and using #pluspaper or #plusbujo as hastags.

With love,

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal


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Weekly bullet journal layout (printable template)

Hello my friends! Let’s talk about Sundays…I love them. Yeah, I know, tomorrow will be Monday again and blabla. But today is Sunday and it’s not time to start thinking about the week ahead already…unless you’re planning with your journal, of course!

In this case, may I present you the Sundat Gift of this week (actually it’s the first Sunday Gift ever, but…whatever…follow me into that):

Weekly bullet journal layout (printable content)

oh dear, what’s a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a diary, an artwork, a todo list, an habit tracker…you name it. Basically it’s a black notebook (it can have dots, lines or squares if you prefer), and you’re going to build your planner as you want it. Yeah, it’s gorgeous.

If you need more infos, here you are the Bullet Journal official site (but I suggest you to search for it on Pinterest or Instagram).

WHAT’s inside

As you can see in this magnificent preview of the Weekly bullet journal layout, with a lot of pink and saturation, this setup is based on:

  • a weekly layout (two pages)
  • spyraldex like there’s no tomorrow! (thanks to Krypto Design for the tip)
  • old but gold habit tracker
  • some notes

(This layout is based on the Leuchtturm1917 – A5!)

But this is not all. Frell, no! There are 3 different layouts for the Weekly bullet journal layout (one for every flavor):

  1. standard, all included
  2. without spyraldex
  3. without habit tracker and notes
  4. with a positive quote!

How can i get it right meow (:3) ?

So, you wanna begin to freak out with this Weekly bullet journal layout? Sign up in the newsletter and I’ll send you the password for the Library (full of downloadable content) straight away!

Of course, all contents are free so if you’ll repost it please credit me 😉

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