Morning Routine: 5 habits for a better life

I talked about the Happiness Toolbox and the powerful tools you already have in your hands in order to actvely build up a new you…just as you imagine youself! As Michael Sandlers said in one of his podcast you become what you do. Repeteadly. Over and over. Day by day. You’re a Lego, actually. Yep, you are. And you can choose your pieces, that’s funny. You can choose how to build yourself and the shape of your life.

So let me introduce you to the Morning Routine: 5 habits for a better life.

1 – Wake up early and drink water

Morning routine - Wake up early
Credits: Monoar Rahman

I usually wake up at 6 am. I was a last minute person, I woke up at 8 am in order to be on my bus at 8.20 am (my day job starts at 9 am), so…you can figure it out. I was a total mess. I had no time for anything, and I became really busy getting angry with myself and my bad scheduling. It’s not a big deal at all, you know, to wake up at 6 am.

Why waking up earlier will benefit your day and your life:

  • you have TIME. For anything: for youself, for your activities, for your hobbies
  • you have SILENCE and SPACE. This is true in particular for those who have kids or partners that always “get in the middle”
  • you have a PURPOSE. You didn’t get up because you must go to work. You get up because YOU WANT TO! And then you go to work, but it’s part of other activities and not the main thing.

As you pop out of your bed, drink at least one or two glass of water. I suggest you room temperature water because fresh water can be pretty shocking for your body. If you want to add some lemon, go on! I drink 600 ml:

  • 1 glass as I wake up, I have a bottle on my bedside table (’cause it’s pretty impossible that you’ll fall asleep while drinking…if you can do something like this, tell me and let’s meet Prof. Xavier!)
  • 1 glass after the bathroom pit stop
  • 1 glass while i write my Morning Pages

2 – Morning Pages

Morning routine - Morning pages
Credits: Luis Llerana

I prefer this practice insted of Brain Dump. Probably because there’s a link with the inner you and the greater outer Universe as Julia Cameron says. I start to fill a A4 page with all my worries, to-dos stuff, ideas, daily goals, month goals, random thoughts, crazy stuff, and so on. Literally with everything is on my mind at the time. Then I read it from the start and underline the things I want to add to my bullet journal (yes, I definitely need to write a post about this). It takes 30 minutes or so.

3 – Blogilates calendar workout

Morning Routine - Exercise
Credits: Christopher Campbell

As I said before, I work out with Cassey Ho and her monthly calendar (you can find it here). Everyday it offers me a different set of workouts for a specific part of the body. I feel so sore but energized at the very same time, yup.

4 – Meditation / Yoga

Morning Routine - Meditate
Credits: Dingzeyu Li

I usually meditate after a big workout (Blogilates workouts last about 45 minutes). I love Chakra cleansing meditations or Chakra activation meditations, but on Friday (that’s my rest day) I do some yoga practice.

Meditation helps me to improve my focus and build a source of energy from which I can draw through the day.

5 – Listen to podcast / Reading

Morning Routine - Commute
Credits: Wilfred Iven

I listen to some podcast about self-improvement or creative success while I set up my breakfast and during my morning commute. While I’m on my bus I read some easy-reading book (I’m on Mortal Instruments by now, yay).

I suggest you to listen and to read something light, that can make you happier. Since you’re going to work or getting busy, I mean…let’s just entertain your brain!

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