5 tips for a faster wake up

Waking up can be pretty difficult…and that’s a real task if you are a lazy one (just like me). I love my bed and the comfort of my blanket, so get up it’s pretty challenging for me everytime. Let me share with you some tips I’ve learn with the waking-up-practice:

1. Go to bed early and relaxed

How to wake up faster
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If you feel tired you’ll want wake up so fast. In order to get up easily, try to go to bed earlier the night before. You know better then anyone the right amount of sleep that works for you. For me 7 hours per night are the best (more hours and I feel dizzy, less hours make me a zombie).

Feel relaxed and happy when you approach your sleep: you should love your bed and your bedroom, so make them comfy and nice: try to add some soft lights, a scented oil burner, a nice set of bedsheets.

2. Keep water on your sidetable

How to wake up faster
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Water is important: after a night of sleep you are dehydrated. You must put in some water or you’ll body won’t respond as you wish. If you keep a bottle of water near you, you’ll be able to drink as you wake up and you’ll be less prone to go back to sleep (’cause you’re swallowing :D)

3. Wear something comfy

How to wake up faster
Photo: Michal Kulesza

A robe, a sweater, comfy slippers…everything that can make you feel more cuddle will work. It’s like taking a little bit of your warm bed with you (this tip work best on winter).

4. No phone

How to wake up faster
Photo: Benjamin Child

Try not to check immediately your phone. If you grab your phone right after turning off your alarm you risk to fall asleep again. So try to check in social networks after 15 minutes you are standing on your feet.

5. Set goals

How to wake up faster
Photo: Aaron Burden

Some prefer to set goals right in their bed, after they open their eyes. As I try this, I assure you that the risk of falling asleep is very high. In order to avoid that, set goals as you drink your water or you are in your bathroom. Smile, and try to make doable and simple goals for your day.

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