Cleaning Schedule (for busy cat owners!)

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - Cleaning Schedule Free Printable

It’s Monday friends, time to make this week the best ever! I know you’re very busy people (because I am too), and you need to get to your office in time, work a lot of hours at a desk, then come back at your house. Mine was pretty a mess (and it’s still a mess, sometimes), but I found very helpful to stick to a cleaning routine. I need a realistic and doable cleaning schedule, otherwise I will not clean even a single dish.

So I create for myself a daily and weekly cleaning schedule based upon my needs (and my time), including all the little things you must do when you have pets (and cats in particular). I’m a cat addicted, I love my pets, Conero (the ginger boy) and Mia (the grey princess):

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal
This is Conero…
Plusbizarre Bullet Journal
…and this is Mia :3

I love them but…they have a lot of fur. In spring and summer I find their fur all around my house, and it’s really hard to keep it up and have a clean home.

Soooo I want to share with you my Cleaning Schedule (daily and weekly) for busy cat owners! But first, some explanations:

  • I do not want to dedicate more than 30 mininutes a day for cleaning and such stuff. I have a lot of more interesting things to do, so…that’s my daily commitment. You can actually have a real clean house with just 20/30 min a day, but you must stick with the schedule (or it will become a mess again).
  • So when I say quick clean, I really mean it. Do not spend more than 2 minutes cleaning the bathroom (I use alarms as reminders).
  • Do not spend more than 2 minutes making your bed. Time is everything!
  • I clean the litter everyday, and I mean throwing away all the dirt (poop and such stuff). I throw away the entire litter and change it once a week. By doing so, you can avoid the formation of bad smells (BIG TIP: add some green tea leaves to the litter…and you’ll see! No more bad smells of urine!)

And finally:
Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - Cleaning Schedule Free Printable

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