#planwithme Challenge – Day 22

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - Plan with me challenge

Today is a day off from planning. It’s something impossible for me, and actually I have not stopped at all…but just because tomorrow I’ll be at the office all day long and I’ll not be able to post (maybe, we’ll see)
Plusbizarre Bullet Journal

So I started (again) to study some weird anatomy from “The Resurrectionist” by E. B. Hudspeth. It’s a fantastic hardcover book of illustrations inspired by the anatomy of fantasy creatures.

On the right you can see the most incredible codex I’ve ever read (and it’s a modern one), “Codex Seraphinianus” by Luigi Serafini. It’s a codex fully written in a language of fantasy, and it’s actually untranslatable. Yep. The purpouse, as the author said, it is to make you feel again the experience you once had as a pre-scholar child, when you were browsing along books and you just can’t figure out what was written in them. Look at the gorgeous illustrations too.

How are you spending your day away from your planner? Let me know!

With love,Plusbizarre Bullet Journal



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