Bullet Journal – June Setup (Part 2)

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - June Setup

Another week is gone, let’s welcome Week 26 with a smile and a pray: please, don’t be so frell hot, please. Hot is good, hot is summer, but hot like hell is no good. Please Week 26, be kind to us!

Ok, now that the pitiful part is over, let’s start with an overview of Week 25 layout:

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - June Weekly Layout

(For more June layouts see “June Setup Part 1”)

Sorry for the bad pic but I’m in a hurry today and didn’t have time to take a better shot. By the way, Week 25 was a chilly one, not so much to do and I managed to relax a bit after the big waves of exams and things to do. I have read a lot and I’m very happy about it because books are my life, reading it’s important as well as breathing and I missed my books for a long time. Mommy is back, my sweeties! I’m reading a fantastic book by Ruth Ozeki, “A Tale for the Time Being” and the useful and very funny “Better than before” by Gretchen Rubin (I strongly suggest you to listen to her podcast, Happier, if you haven’t before).

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - Doodles

I was finally able to keep track of weather and temperature for a whole week (although I cheated on friday and saturday, I did not score them and did later xD sorry), but I’m still not entirely convinced that it is one thing that’s ok to be tracked. I mean, it’s very funny and interesting to browse the months and see how the weather change and compare it with last year maybe, but personally I can’t remember to track everyday so it’s kind of annoying.

I liked this minimalist style and tried to reply it, with some changes, in Week 26 layout:

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - June Weekly Layout

I saw the quote on Pinterest and I fell in love. Creativity really takes a lot of courage, and you need to be brave and bold to achieve what you dream of and want. It’s not easy, but it can be funny and make you grow as a human being, and a pro too (whether you’re an artist or whatever).

As you can see, there’s a time tracker again. It’s not a Spyraldex (although it is very nice to see on the sheet because of the color and shape, it’s really annoying to draw it every time), but a simple square with numbers. I’m gonna color it everyday with some color tags, different color for each activity of my daily life. Why I added back a time log? Because, against all odds, I found it very useful. Without the time log I tend to waste my afternoon in a very unproductive way, so the time log it’s like a compass for me. It keeps me on the right path!

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - June Weekly Layout

Here’s a detail of the weekly spread. I made such cute banners but then I made a mistake, because I wrote a June with 31 days and had to repair with a sort of shadow on the left side of the banners.

As always, here’s the list of tools I used for this layout:

Are you ready for this week’s adventures? Hope your week will be full of happiness and good things!

With love,Plusbizarre Bullet Journal


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