My Wheel of Life 2017 – How I set serious goals (more or less)

Plusbizarre - Planner organization bullet journal wheel of life level 10 life

Goooooodmorning planner junkies! I would like to share with you my success and the first step to financial independance, a milestone in my path to a successful life as an entepreneur: I earned my first 0.76€ with Google ads, thanks to my mom probably (she clicks everything randomly)!

February got off on the wrong foot because, well, my toothpick weightlifter’s body broke down. Officially, I contracted an infection but my immune system is not responding (may-day, may-day!), choosing the path of non violent resistence. Bad timing. I’m at home sick since last week, getting bored to death on my sofa, and I must thanks Cristian that comes to flip me like a pancake (literally) every now and then, avoiding me bedsores. Florence Nighingale Prize 2017 is all yours, my love! Despite a chronic lack of sleep due to a very friendly whooping cough, and the debilitating fever that brings me a friend in spirit with Jacopone da Todi, there are some positives:

  1. Cats, cats everywhere -> they are a smart-ass of a pack, and are extremely attracted to me and my hawaiian temperatures, not to mention the holy mountains of blankets of all forms and kind that I need in order to survive;
  2. “Yes! With lots of books, mountains of books! forests of books! cascades, swamps of books! More books than you’d ever read in a lifetime! -> my reading frequency is about 28 minutes per page, since I can’t focus on words and their meanings. But I have plenty of time and patience, and a lot of handkerchiefs to wipe off my sweat.

(Plusbizzare on “Daily Prophet”, 02/12/17 edition)

Whatever. I’ve thought again and again on the famous Wheel of Life, or Level 10 Life system, that I used in my last Planner. I decided to change the setup and layout and to transfer it on my Master Planner (the bigger and yearly version of the daily Planner, the one where I started to keep all the lists and useful things that are useful on a yearly base). This is what it looks like:

Plusbizarre - Bullet Journal and Planner Organization - Wheel of Life

Since the Master Planner is a dauntless A6 format, it’s simplier to write and draw in those larger spaces. As you can see, I choosed the name Wheel of Life since it has 12 slices insted of 10. It would be a life to keep calling it Level 10 Life, don’t you agree? Actually, it has 12 spaces since it was easier to draw, yeah (I suck at technical drawing).

Under the Wheel you can see a bunch of very positive quotes that will help me to gain the cool grove I need in my daily life, keep dreaming big to achieve my goals for 2017. the areas on which I will focus (more or less) are:

  1. Spirit: meditation and study of religion
  2. Mind: Mindfulness practice and reading books (my goals for this year is to read 70 books by December 2017)
  3. Body:workouts and yoga sessions
  4. Fun: having fun with friend and at home
  5. Career: with my part-time job and boosting
  6. Sociality: Bookclub’s dates and other random meetings
  7. Finances: saving money
  8. Home:everyday small cleaning
  9. Family: weekly date with my friends, calls with my grannies
  10. Relationship: space dedicated to our couple
  11. Study: passing my last exams and preparing the graduation thesis
  12. Creativity: collages e daily doodles

A lot on my plate, I know, but being an Aries I can work well only under pressure. Positive anxiety keeps me young and vital!

A lot of details for your inner voyeur:

Plusbizarre - Bullet Journal and Planner Organization - Wheel of Life

Plusbizarre - Bullet Journal and Planner Organization - Wheel of Life

Plusbizarre - Bullet Journal and Planner Organization - Wheel of Life

(My cats are always very excited about helping me…)

So, do you like it? Do you have a personal Wheel of Life? Are our goals the same? Tell me more, tell me more with a comment, and don’t forget to share your plannerly-love following me on my Facebook page (some doodle tutorials come this way) and on Instagram (lot of cool pictures)!

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