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March = Light. I’m repeating myself, right? I love, love, love wake up in the sunlight, doing yoga or just meditate with the powerful energy of the sun: it’s one of those simple yet fundamental things that make me thank every time I became aware of their blessings. 

This is also the best time of the year for long afternoon walkings, to recharging our Vitamin D (thanks to sunlight!) and eat a lot of fantastic things like gelato, milkshake, crepes and so on.

I’ll be hit the road again in my seasonal attempt to come back to run again, because I hate to run in the cold and dark of the winter.

But let’s talk about serious things with this week’s free printable, with the sweet Celestia as main character (thank Jenn for giving her a name!):

"IDGAF I'm a Unicorn!" - FREE Printable!

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This week’s printable is a set for your “brain dump“. If you don’t know what braind dump is, I’ll explain it in a few simple words (for more information please refer to Julia Cameron’s page, since she is the creator of “Morning Pages”, a particular way of brain dumping).

To brain dump is to make space and order in your thoughts and feelings. No meditation or chanting required, no fancy walkings in the woods searching for your True Soul, none of that. You just need to sit down (in the morning of before going to bed) and write down all your thoughts as you became aware of them. You will not read them again, and you need to follow no rule at all. Just write freely and empty your mind of thoughts and stress.

Julia Cameron suggests to write down three pages every morning, but since I don’t have plenty of time in the morning, I just go with one

I found that this practice is working extremely well even if done with doodling. In your set you’ll also have a “doodle” dump sheet. Use it to brain dump while drawing and sketching!

Here all the links for download:

Download is totally free but I would really love to receive some feedback from you, so please comment here on the blog or tag me in your pics if you use it!

Want to keep update for the next free printable?

With love,

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