Teddy Bear Day [+ Tutorial!]

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Good Teddy Bear Day to ya all! Let’s briefly skim the Teddy Bear topic: did you have one? What color was? Mine was white (originally, then turned into a dirty cream color because of continuous usage and no wash at all I suppose), and I do not have a hint about the name. I’ll bring the issue in front to my Adorable Mother aka Poppy.


The legend of the Teddy bear is linked to the story president Theodore Roosvelt. In 1902, President Roosvelt was invited to an hunting trip, which seemed to be unsuccessful. By failing to conquer any bear’s head, Roosvelt’s collaborators sought the possibility to build up a positive image of the president through the press, in any way. The solution was simple and cruel: they tied up a bear cub to a tree (actually the “cub” was an old bear) to allow the president to kill him. The stories tell that Roosvelt he did not dare to kill the bear so barbarously, eventually leaving it free. The press dropped like vultures on events.

In spite of any hypothesis about the outcome of the events, the episode had great resonance in the general public. Two married couples of Morris and Rose Michtom, craftsmen, exposed a few months after the first specimen of plush toy in the showcase of their store, calling it Teddy Bear.

Absurdly Simple Tutorial: How to draw a Teddy Bear

Drawing a teddy bear is really, really, really easy peasy lemon squeazy! Follow five simple and easy steps:

Begin with those basic shapes and begin to draw several teddy bears: you will notice, at some point, that your personal style emerging. Continue to work on the teddy bears: create clothes and accessories to customize them and, perhaps, change their expression. Are they prettier when angry or surprised?

Plusbizarre - Be Creative Be Happy - Bullet Journal, Planner, Life Organization, Drawings, Doodles
Il risultato finale!

If you’ll try the Absurdly Simple Tutorial let me know in the comments, and share your Teddy Bear!

With love,

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