Printable – Non-Fiction Reading List 2018

No longer having the urge of incoming exam’s sessions to spur me to study and stay up to date (I graduated this summer, yay!), I decided to consistently keep the pace.

My brain is “trained” for a certain load of study and mnemonic effort, and I do not want to see it lazy down quickly because of my own laziness.

I decided to throw down this first list, to be updated in a few months (usually I review the books read and my progress every three months or so, and then four times a year).

This is not something definitive, but an overview that can give me the right “feeling” and tell me at a glance what I’m looking for:

As you can see, I’m trying to focus on the study of mindful practices related to personal and professional organization.

In this way, I want to build a strong “mental” foundation for the agenda I’m going to design for 2019. (That’s a great, right? I’ll talk about it in later articles, so stay update!).

Don’t worry, here it comes the free printable!

Non-Fiction Reading List 2018

Click on the image on the left and grab your free Non-Fiction Reading List 2018.

What’s included:

  • a .pdf printable, A4 size
  • original digital illustrations 
  • a pretty and useful checklist to keep track of your love for knowledge <3

"I would love the same, but...blank!"

You can purchase “Reading ‘n Sleeping” Perpetual Checklist on my Etsy shop!

Have a nice week!

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