Summer Skincare Routine [+Free Printable!]

“Baby, it’s hot outside…”

Ok, those are not the exact words, but babies it’s so hot! After a break with low temperatures and rain (I’ll be unpopular but I love rainy days of summer) Mother Nature turned the thermostat up as high as it would go. 

High temperatures also mean high levels of lazyness, especially in my case. First thing I would neglect is my skincare routine, because I wake up in the morning feeling already wonky. Not surely in the mood for a complete routine. My facial skin is very sensitive though, and I can’t skip my daily routine: it would simply beginning to crumble. Nice, uh?

I keep all of my daily duties and todos in my bullet journal, so I updated my previous Skincare Routine to this one, completely focused on summer. It’s a lighter routine and I started to avoid mosturizers before going to sleep, because I feel my skin is a-ok with just some toner (maybe the humidity level is helping somehow).

I personally prefer a mild foam cleanser, or even a very delicate organic soap (my favourite scent for summer is sandalwood). I start my mornings splashing my face with warm water and soap, so I can feel refreshed while removing the grease produced by my skin pores during the night.

Thermal Water is my must. I can actual feel the skin drinking up all of it after eight hours of neglect. Sometimes I prefer using a DIY toner, that’s basically distilled/filtered water with few drops of oleolites or essential oils in it (plus a squeeze of aloe vera organic gel).

I use a homemade serum because my skin tend to react funny to store bought ones. Mine is made with sweet almond oil mixed with lavender and tea tree essential oils. I use just one drop for my forehead, one for the cheeks and one for the chin.

My skin tends to dry during the day, mainly because I walk a lot and it gets exposed to all kind of weather conditions and pollution, not to mention massive sunlight. I needed a good moisturizer and I recently found one with a light texture (it’s summer, yay). It repairs and nourishes my skin while protecting it from pollution.

I use a different product for eyelids because I tend to have serious dark circles and giving my eyes a good massage is the best part in the all routine. I use a small amount of product and start rub with soft pressure from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer one. I increase the pressure while moving and, oh my, this is so good for puffy, tired eyes.

I have a very fair skin and I love it that way. I’m not a huge tan-fan and I think a tanned complexion doesn’t look good on me. By the way, I use protection every day to avoid liver spots and skin damages. I use SPF 50 sunscreen in summer and SPF 30 during winter.

We just LOVE freebies!

For this week I have prepared for you the digital, easy version of my Summer Skincare Routine. It comes in .pdf file, A4 and A5 paper size!

free printable summer skincare routine by plusbizarre
(Grab your Free Printable version of the Summer Skincare Routine!)

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Plusbizarre, also known as Francesca Valentini, is the creator and artist behind and The Journalium Project. She’s a planner nerd and loves to share self-development tips and printables for a mindful life.

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