Summer Skincare Routine [+Free Printable!]

“Baby, it’s hot outside…”

Ok, those are not the exact words, but babies it’s so hot! After a break with low temperatures and rain (I’ll be unpopular but I love rainy days of summer) Mother Nature turned the thermostat up as high as it would go. 

High temperatures also mean high levels of lazyness, especially in my case. First thing I would neglect is my skincare routine, because I wake up in the morning feeling already wonky. Not surely in the mood for a complete routine. My facial skin is very sensitive though, and I can’t skip my daily routine: it would simply beginning to crumble. Nice, uh?

I keep all of my daily duties and todos in my bullet journal, so I updated my previous Skincare Routine to this one, completely focused on summer. It’s a lighter routine and I started to avoid mosturizers before going to sleep, because I feel my skin is a-ok with just some toner (maybe the humidity level is helping somehow).

I personally prefer a mild foam cleanser, or even a very delicate organic soap (my favourite scent for summer is sandalwood). I start my mornings splashing my face with warm water and soap, so I can feel refreshed while removing the grease produced by my skin pores during the night.

Thermal Water is my must. I can actual feel the skin drinking up all of it after eight hours of neglect. Sometimes I prefer using a DIY toner, that’s basically distilled/filtered water with few drops of oleolites or essential oils in it (plus a squeeze of aloe vera organic gel).

I use a homemade serum because my skin tend to react funny to store bought ones. Mine is made with sweet almond oil mixed with lavender and tea tree essential oils. I use just one drop for my forehead, one for the cheeks and one for the chin.

My skin tends to dry during the day, mainly because I walk a lot and it gets exposed to all kind of weather conditions and pollution, not to mention massive sunlight. I needed a good moisturizer and I recently found one with a light texture (it’s summer, yay). It repairs and nourishes my skin while protecting it from pollution.

I use a different product for eyelids because I tend to have serious dark circles and giving my eyes a good massage is the best part in the all routine. I use a small amount of product and start rub with soft pressure from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer one. I increase the pressure while moving and, oh my, this is so good for puffy, tired eyes.

I have a very fair skin and I love it that way. I’m not a huge tan-fan and I think a tanned complexion doesn’t look good on me. By the way, I use protection every day to avoid liver spots and skin damages. I use SPF 50 sunscreen in summer and SPF 30 during winter.

We just LOVE freebies!

For this week I have prepared for you the digital, easy version of my Summer Skincare Routine. It comes in .pdf file, A4 and A5 paper size!

free printable summer skincare routine by plusbizarre
(Grab your Free Printable version of the Summer Skincare Routine!)

More news from last week:

bullet journal spread idea by plusbizarre
(International Kissing Day - Daily Spread for Bullet Journal)

Last week me and Cristian celebrated the International Kissing Day! We tend to kiss each other a lot during the day, because we both work from home and we’re usually in our home office together the all time, but it was pretty fun to focus on the love act itself. Very nice and sweet! And, obviously, it was a great excuse to kiss my three furry friends all day long (Conero doesn’t love kisses, while Mia and Calipso crave for them).

Doodling Tutorials:

doodle tutorial 12 ways to draw a sun by plusbizarre
[12 Ways to draw a Sun] Challenge yourself: how many ways could you find to draw a sun?
doodle tutorial draw kissing lips by furasims
[How to draw kissing lips] Quick and easy way to draw beautiful, kissy lips for your planner decor


Plusbizarre, also known as Francesca Valentini, is the creator and artist behind and The Journalium Project. She’s a planner nerd and loves to share self-development tips and printables for a mindful life.

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Level 10 Life: Avoid goal setting pitfalls (+ free printable)

It’s been a while since my last entry, I feel so sorry about this intermittent posting but…life’s unpredictable!
I’ve been working a lot on a new personal project and I’ll soon start talking about this (it’s about planning and personal development, obviously!).

But first, June’s over and half of 2018 already flew by. It was pretty quick, indeed! You probably had planned your 2018 ahead in January, diving into goal setting and evaluating you plans for the near future. This time of the year is perfect for reviewing your goals and your priorities.

One of the best tools I know for goal setting and goal reviewing is called “10 Level Life”. You probably already know about it since it’s from the famous “Miracle Morning” book by Hal Elrod (just in case you missed it, I’ll take you there), and I’ve already talked about it in a previous post

In my planner it’s called Wheel of Awareness, since one of the features that work best for me is to keep me aware of my goals, my steps towards them and how to adjust the path if needed.

In level 10 Life/Wheel of Awareness you have to evaluate your life in ten different areas:
Family and Friends
Personal development
Physical Environment
Health / Fitness

Level 10 Life template for planner by Plusbizarre
(My design of Level 10 Life in my kikki.k planner)

Giving each of the areas a score from 1 to 10, you’ll find yourself with a colorful wheel, highly significant. Your aim should to work on the lowest 3 to 5 areas in your pie chart. In my case I should definitely spend more time and effort on my finances, my spirituality, giving to others and with my friends and family.

Next to your wheel you can write down your goal. I choose to have one goal (even a small one) for every section so that everything will remain balanced. I didn’t write them down already, but some ideas are:

  • visit my family / spend time with my family one time per week
  • spend some time in the evening talking with family/friends (even through phone)
  • celebrate mindfully seasonal festivals
  • start to volunteer in the local UNESCO division
  • design and sell at least 2 printables on shop every month

It is recommended to review your 10 Level Life every quarter or so: you’ll ended up checking on your goals and projects four times per year, and that could be useful to keep you on track.

It’s very important to constantly be aware of your past decisions and how they developed in time. Planning and goal setting without appropriate review could lead to pitfalls, and you don’t want that to happen (read this interesting essay for more details). Fortunately it’s easy to keep up with the benefits, but you should be aware of where you are now, where you wanted to be in the past and where you want to be in the future.

(Quick guide) Overcoming the pitfalls of Goal-setting:

Start by knowing where you are. Level 10 Life can help you to find out where you should focus more: social life? Your career? Having a little bit of rest and fun? It’s up to you but remember: try to answer with your gut, not with your brain! 

Free Level 10 Life printable template for planner by Plusbizarre
(Click and download your free template!)

Goal setting should be fun and easy: the difficult part maybe to reach them, not to plan them!
Set goals that are:

  • measurable (write”I want to read 100 pages every week” instead of “I want to read more”- otherwise it’ll be hard to understand if you have reached your goal, plus it will be more effective because you’ll have a precise amount to rely on!)
  • simple (we both know you’ll leave behind anything that’s too complex…)
  • personal (be creative and set your own goal. Everyone has a different life, personality and needs)
  • fun (you’ll be more motivated to accomplish exciting goals. If you want to stay fit but hate running, try and check Youtube for your next cardio instructor – I love practicing yoga with Adriene)

This step is maybe the most important one, yet nearly no one want to invest some time completing it. Goal setting without reviewing is like order a pizza in a restaurant and leaving. Why you should do that? It makes no sense at all! You spent your effort for setting your goals, so why leave valuable information behind?

I know, goal reviewing could be pretty stressing. But I want to share a secret on how to make it less nerve-racking: don’t be hard on yourself. Mistakes are your best friends since they can tell you what you’re doing wrong and why. You should listen to them and analyze them to avoid making errors in the future. If you find it hard to believe me, here’s a bunch of cool resources that can surely persuade you:

It’s time to print your Wheel of Awareness, grab your best colorful pecils and start your goal setting!


Plusbizarre, also known as Francesca Valentini, is the creator and artist behind and The Journalium Project. She’s a planner nerd and loves to share self-development tips and printables for a mindful life.

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Free Printable – June Cover [original artwork!]

Boom. June, Summer.
We’re almost there…

You can’t proper say “summer” without a cool, pinky calendar. Hanged to the wall, it constantly reminds you that is time to commit yourself to a summer full of fun and exciting experiences.

[colored edition]-------
[black and white edition]-------

[.pdf single files – A4 regular print size]

You can purchase my original artworks and illustrations (like this one below) on my 
Etsy shop —->

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Printable – Non-Fiction Reading List 2018

No longer having the urge of incoming exam’s sessions to spur me to study and stay up to date (I graduated this summer, yay!), I decided to consistently keep the pace.

My brain is “trained” for a certain load of study and mnemonic effort, and I do not want to see it lazy down quickly because of my own laziness.

I decided to throw down this first list, to be updated in a few months (usually I review the books read and my progress every three months or so, and then four times a year).

This is not something definitive, but an overview that can give me the right “feeling” and tell me at a glance what I’m looking for:

As you can see, I’m trying to focus on the study of mindful practices related to personal and professional organization.

In this way, I want to build a strong “mental” foundation for the agenda I’m going to design for 2019. (That’s a great, right? I’ll talk about it in later articles, so stay update!).

Don’t worry, here it comes the free printable!

Non-Fiction Reading List 2018

Click on the image on the left and grab your free Non-Fiction Reading List 2018.

What’s included:

  • a .pdf printable, A4 size
  • original digital illustrations 
  • a pretty and useful checklist to keep track of your love for knowledge <3

"I would love the same, but...blank!"

You can purchase “Reading ‘n Sleeping” Perpetual Checklist on my Etsy shop!

Have a nice week!

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal
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Block and Burnout: the Resources whe can use to avoid them

Plusbizarre - Be Creative Be Happy - Bullet Journal, Planner, Life Organization, Drawings, Doodles
Week 36 is about to end, and I look back at it with a sense of progress. I am developing several important projects, but it’s to late to speak of them clearly. During the last week I managed to start a couple of those projects and this makes me happy. Recently I felt ashamed. because I have not used my planner very much. Actually, I was preparing the planner you see in the pic above and that one, finally, has an excellent structure. I love it. I’m organizing things in order to shot a short flipthrough, but I believe that it will be released in December, so that I’ll have a few pages to show it to you.

Today, however, I want to start talking about the blocks, block planner included. More generally, I will introduce the topic of Resources that are at our disposal in everyday life, how the use of these Resources can fall into unbalance and generate burnout linked to a given activity. I will not cover everything with just one post and, in order to avoid boring you, I decided to split it in more than just one article. Let’s start with the introduction,  and enjoy your reading!

Planning Block: when planning it's exhausting

Probably it also happened to you: one of your passions suddenly loses its sweetness, and all its attractiveness seems to have vanished. This is what happened to me in the last few months with planners. I have tried in many ways to modify the layouts and the uses of the various journals acquired in search of inspiration; I’ve been looking for new ideas through Pinterest and Instagram; I watched tons of videos about planners. Nothing, zero. Each layout I prepared was condemned to “die” unused, each journal being filled up for a very few pages and abandoned. This is what I call the Planning Block syndrome, or Planning Burnout. It comes when we have used too much of the External or Passive Resources and very little, or at least none, of our Internal Resources. We have outsourced too many of the functions that should remain under the control of our vigilant and mindfull mind, and not an action that a support can take (either paper or digital).

Internal, External and Passive Resources?

Let’s dig deep in the topic. Internal, External and Passive Resources are at our disposal, but what are they and and how can we use them to get the most out of productivity and serenity? Let me show you.

Internal Resources are all those qualities / abilities / habits / knowledge that allow us to move to the best in the professional, social, and personal space. As you will already know, these resources are not limitless: you often hear about the fact that your power of will, for example, needs to be used wisely because it will decrease pretty soon. Some examples of Internal Resources:

– the education received (the level of empathy, responsibility, emotional control);
– acquired skills (theoretical and practical knowledge, scholastic and non-formal);
– traits of personality (tendency to optimism / pessimism, mild / high stress tolerance, etc.).

External Resources are all those objects / people / relationships with which we have a frequent interaction, and that help us in our daily life. Some examples of External Resources:

– objects (like home appliances, they perform for us some important and routine functions);
– people (a babysitter or a partner can, among other things, help us with the domestic workload).

Trusting on External Resources is a good thing, and it is important. It allows us to create new relationships based on trust and collaboration, lower our burden of commitments and consequently the perceived stress.

Passive Resources are objects / habits that we use to develop over time, and allow us to present ourselves to the best in everyday life. They also enhance some of our faculty somehow. Some examples of Passive Resources:

– Objects that allow us to expand our capabilities and faculties (such as your smartphone, computer, planner, or agenda);
– Daily habits (if good, they will help us increase perceived well-being and lower stress levels, if bad ones will be additional obstacles).

Passive Resources are actually the toughest ones to acquire because they require a lot of continuous work (planners or the calendar apps should be updated very often, but also the goal of losing weight or developing the habit of going to sleep early in the evening requires a lot of effort and time).


Warning: We can influence and modify all resources at our disposal! With some of them it will be simpler (the resources with which we have less ties / frictions, probably), with others it will be very complex (relationship with parents / partners, for example). Through the power of active will you will approaching Resources that can resonate with your purpose (having an affirmative relationship, being hired for a good job, etc.). You could surround ourselves with valid Resources, and only with them, if you would to. I promise to talk about this specific topic and the dark side of Resources in a forward post.

This introductory article ends here. I would say that there is so much information to process and evaluate! Let me know in your comments if you liked this action, and if you find the “subdivision” of resources is compatible with your person and your daily life.

Next week I’ll talk about how Resources work with each other!

With love,

[Disclaimer: This site is not intended to provide auto diagnosis elements or diagnosis of any type of disorder or syndrome. It’s recommended, in case of strong discomfort and self doubt, to contact a psychotherapist.]

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Teddy Bear Day [+ Tutorial!]

Plusbizarre - Be Creative Be Happy - Bullet Journal, Planner, Life Organization, Drawings, Doodles

Good Teddy Bear Day to ya all! Let’s briefly skim the Teddy Bear topic: did you have one? What color was? Mine was white (originally, then turned into a dirty cream color because of continuous usage and no wash at all I suppose), and I do not have a hint about the name. I’ll bring the issue in front to my Adorable Mother aka Poppy.


The legend of the Teddy bear is linked to the story president Theodore Roosvelt. In 1902, President Roosvelt was invited to an hunting trip, which seemed to be unsuccessful. By failing to conquer any bear’s head, Roosvelt’s collaborators sought the possibility to build up a positive image of the president through the press, in any way. The solution was simple and cruel: they tied up a bear cub to a tree (actually the “cub” was an old bear) to allow the president to kill him. The stories tell that Roosvelt he did not dare to kill the bear so barbarously, eventually leaving it free. The press dropped like vultures on events.

In spite of any hypothesis about the outcome of the events, the episode had great resonance in the general public. Two married couples of Morris and Rose Michtom, craftsmen, exposed a few months after the first specimen of plush toy in the showcase of their store, calling it Teddy Bear.

Absurdly Simple Tutorial: How to draw a Teddy Bear

Drawing a teddy bear is really, really, really easy peasy lemon squeazy! Follow five simple and easy steps:

Begin with those basic shapes and begin to draw several teddy bears: you will notice, at some point, that your personal style emerging. Continue to work on the teddy bears: create clothes and accessories to customize them and, perhaps, change their expression. Are they prettier when angry or surprised?

Plusbizarre - Be Creative Be Happy - Bullet Journal, Planner, Life Organization, Drawings, Doodles
Il risultato finale!

If you’ll try the Absurdly Simple Tutorial let me know in the comments, and share your Teddy Bear!

With love,

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