Bullet Journal – My October Setup

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - October Setup Layout Ideas

October is here, yay! I’ve started to study again, work again on the Etsy shop and on my all¬†side¬†projects. Woah, not easy at all but it’s nice to have things to do all the week long, and the moments of rest are more enjoyable. Besides, I can read a lot more while commuting or between one meeting and another.

Let’s talk about juicy bullet journal things!

This is my new setup for October: the warm shades and the watercolor style stayed, but I banned the pyramidal calendar (I need to work on this a little more in order to make it…usable). But there’s a huge new entry: the labels! I’ve cut a small amout of paper (just the blank space on the side, actually), because I was in the desperate search of some further organization troughout the month.

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Bullet Journal September Setup!

Plusbizarre Bullet Journal - September Setup

Hi everyone, I’ve been missing for a long long time and I’m just starting to apologize about it. In facts, I’ve been through a fantastic vacation across Umbria, Lazio and Toscana, three wonderful Regions of Italy. It was a beautiful (almost artistic, historical and gastonomical) trip, but it was also a very sad one. We felt the fear during and after the big earthquake that shook all the center part of my country. We were overwelmed by the news of entire towns and little villages destroyed to the ground. So, as you can easily imagine, I was not so in the mood for writing.

Now I’m back home, I’m in the middle of the typical free time “home restyling“: me and Cristian are trying to add some sense to our home study room, and we’re almost done actually.

But let’s talk about September! It’s almost here and I’m so happy because I really appreciate summer, but those high temperatures and me we do not go along together so well. I love spring and autumn, so I’m in love with those transition months like September, when you can experience both chilly and warm sensations in the very same day!

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